I am a PhD student working at the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics. I am researching the importance of basin-scale groundwater flow, geothermal heat flow, and geomechanical feedbacks on the dynamics of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet via numerical modeling and geophysical observations.

I have a broad educational and professional work background in the geosciences comprising knowledge from both geology and geophysics. In general, I am fascinated with how the Earth came to be from global to basin scales and the extraordinary amounts of time required to do so. My greatest interest in geoscience is with the movement of fluids and heat within the Earth on timescales spanning human lifetimes to deep geologic time. These fluid movements within the Earth have profound effects on our existence through their delivery of resources (e.g. groundwater, oil/gas, minerals, and geothermal energy) and generation of hazards (e.g. volcanoes) which have fascinated me ever since I started my science education.

Upon completing my PhD, I plan to solve challenging problems related to my interests that are important to society.

My expertise/interests include:
* Hydrogeology
* Groundwater Modeling
* Crustal Heat Flow Interpretation and Modeling
* Basin Analysis and Modeling
* Geomechanics
* Fracture and Porous Flow Systems
* Near-Surface/Reservoir Geophysics
* Reservoir Characterization, Modeling, Simulation and Monitoring
* Inverse Theory
* Cryospheric Science (ice sheets to gas hydrates)

Current Research Projects

The Effects of Sedimentary Basins on the Dynamics of the East Antarctic Ice Sheet from Enhanced Groundwater and Geothermal Heat Flow

various member positions, Graduate Student Executive Committee, JSG (2011 - 2013)

A Shallow Subsurface Hydrologic System On Europa?, Geological Society of America, Denver, CO (2013)

Subglacial sedimentary basin characterization of Wilkes Land, East Antarctica via applied aerogeophysical inverse methods, AGU, San Francisco, CA (2013)

Improved Geothermal Heat Flux Estimates for East Antarctic Subglacial Basins from Groundwater Modeling and Geophysical Observations, AGU, San Francisco, CA (2013)

The Role of Groundwater in Subglacial Habitats in Antarctica, ABGradCon2012, California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, California, USA (2012)

Importance of Steady ­State Groundwater Flow on Subglacial Hydrology in the Dome C Region of East Antarctica, International Symposium On Glaciers And Ice Sheets In A Warming Climate, University of Alaska Fairbanks, Fairbanks, Alaska (2012)

Exploring Subglacial Lake Connectivity via Groundwater Aquifers in the Dome C Region, East Antarctica, 2011 Fall Meeting, AGU, San Francisco, CA, USA (2011)