Committee Member

Baiyuan is currently applying geomechanical models to study thin-skinned fold and thrust belts system. The research will further our understanding of stress, strain and compaction behaviors in fold and thrust belts. Baiyuan also aims to comp up with an improved approach to predict pore pressure in compressional regions.

Past experience inclides:
Developed techniques and software to predict reservoir pressure in two and three dimensions
Reconstructed porosity, permeability and pressure evolution with basin modeling approach
Analyzed geomechanical properties of mudstone through uniaxial compression experiments

Current Research Projects

Stress, pore pressure and porosity in fold-and-thrust belts system

Past Research Projects

Pore Pressure within Dipping Reservoirs in Overpressure Basins

Statoil Fellowship - Statoil (2015)

Statoil Fellowship - Statoil (2014 - 2015)

Satoil Fellowship - Staoil (2013 - 2014)

Predicting centroid position and reservoir pressure as a function of mudstone permeability, American Association of Petroleum Geologist, Pittsburgh (2013)

Pore pressure within dipping aquifers in overpressured basins, American Geophysical Union, San Francisco (2012)

Basin modeling of pressure evolution in the Auger Basin, Gulf of Mexico, UT-Geofluids Annual Consortium, Austin (2012)

Kaolinite Resedimentation, UT-Geofluids Annual Consortium, Austin (2011)