Ana Maria Restrepo Acevedo

Ana Maria  Restrepo Acevedo
B.E., Environmental Engineering, LaSalle, 2015

Mailcode: C1100


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I am interested in studying the potential effects of ecological stresses, specifically drought, disturbance, and salinity, in forest ecosystems at tree-level scale and how can this understanding informs a global perspective. Moreover, I want to determine how forests' ecosystems react to more frequent and severe ecological stress events due to climate change.

I use different measurements at tree-level and based on statistical analysis, remote sensing data, and numerical models scale to a larger level. I collect and process different types of data such as meteorological, bio-geochemistry, energy, and water fluxes to determine the potential sources causing stress in vegetation. I am addressing this question by combining high-frequency resolution data of evapotranspiration with self-made transpiration Granier-Style sensors deployed in the field, and other in situ measurements of stem water potential and water sources used by vegetation using d18O and d2H isotopes analysis.

J.B. and Marilyn McKenzie Graduate Endowment - University of Michigan Biological Station (2021)

External Research Grant Matching Funding - The University of Texas at Austin (2021)

Mort Neff Graduate Student Research - University of Michigan (2019)

External Research Grant Matching Funds - The University of Texas at Austin (2019)

Dr. Ralph E. Bennett Endowment Fund - University of Michigan (2018)

Academic Excellence - LaSalle (2013)