Silvia Brizzi

Silvia  Brizzi
Postdoctoral Fellow, Jackson School of Geosciences

Office: ROC
Mailcode: C1160

Silvia Brizzi is interested in understanding the influence of long-term subduction dynamics on the seismic cycle of megathrust faults and the occurrence of giant earthquakes. She is also interested in the interaction between tectonics, surface processes and mantle dynamics in orogenic systems, which are the subject of her current research. At UTIG, Silvia is part of a team led by Jackson School Prof. Claudio Faccenna, developing a new experimental setup that will simulate all aspects of the mountain building process, including deep mantle and surface processes, in a convenient spatio-temporal scale. While the lab model is being built and tested, Silvia also works with numerical models linking tectonic and seismic time-scales to understand the relationship between sediment subduction and seismicity of subduction zones.