Areas of Expertise

Currently active projects include studies of ocean-crustal faulting, the dynamics of continental rifting, evolution of forearc basins and accretionary prisms, and mudrock microstructure. Also many projects involve sailing on research vessels to study active spreading centers in various corners of the globe.


Jacqueline Reber, 2013 - 2015, University of Texas, Austin

Graduate Students

Jennifer Harding (Co-supervisor)
I am using wide-angle refraction tomography to study the role of magmatism and tectonics in crustal accretion at the Mid Cayman Spreading Center, an ultra-slow spreading center in the Caribbean Sea.

Rodrigo D Lima (Supervisor)

Anna Eliza Svartman Dias, Ph.D., 2015 (Co-supervisor)
University of Texas, Austin

2014Fall GEO 191 Tpcs In Marine Geol Geophys
2013Fall GEO 191 Tpcs In Marine Geol Geophys
2012Fall GEO 191 Tpcs In Marine Geol Geophys

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