Matthew M Uliana

Matthew M Uliana
Lecturer, Bureau of Economic Geology, Jackson School of Geosciences

Office: PIC
Mailcode: C1160

Matt Uliana's academic and professional background is in the Earth Sciences with a primary focus on physical hydrogeology. Dr. Uliana has over 27 years of private consulting experience in projects including groundwater modeling, geochemical/water quality investigations, aquifer test analysis, hydrogeologic assessments, monitoring well installation, permitting of injections wells for waste disposal, surface water resource assessments, and general project management.

In addition to his consulting background Dr. Uliana has over seven years of university-level teaching and research experience. Dr. Uliana has taught courses on general geology, applied geology, hydrogeology and water resources, and structural geology. His academic research experience includes regional flow systems in West Texas, the use of naturally-occurring geochemical and isotopic tracers to delineate groundwater flow systems, fluid flow in fractured media, modeling of groundwater flow and geochemical systems, geophysical applications in hydrogeology, and studies of paleoclimate in the Quaternary. Dr. Uliana's general teaching and research experience also includes geotechnical engineering, clastic stratigraphy, surface water modeling, water resource investigations, and drainage design.

Areas of Expertise

Water resources, low-temperature aqueous geochemistry, groundwater modeling, environmental compliance

2019Spring EVS 311 Field Smnr In Sustainability
2017Spring EVS 311 Field Smnr In Sustainability