Dr. James received a Ph.D in 1986 from the University of California at Santa Barbara. He is trained as an isotope geochemist and igneous petrologist. His dissertation work on rocks of the Salinian Block of California showed that these rocks have clear affinities with North American basement. His postdoctoral studies at Caltech involved the petrology and isotopic character of rocks from a deep scientific drilling project on the San Andreas Fault. Eric came to the University of Texas in 1989 to work at the Bureau of Economic Geology. He investigated the isotopic geochemistry of igneous rocks of Trans-Pecos Texas, mapping the southeastern extent of Laurentian basement using Pb isotopes. After moving to the Department of Geological Sciences in 1993, he worked on rocks and ores in the Ertsberg Mining District of Irian Jaya, Indonesia and continued work on the 87Sr/86Sr of Paleozoic seawater using conodont elements.

Areas of Expertise

Isotope geochemistry, igneous petrology, analytical chemistry

Member, American Association for the Advancement of Science

Member, American Geophysical Union

Member, Geological Society of America

Member, Austin Geological Society