Antoniette Greta Grima

Antoniette Greta  Grima
Postdoctoral Fellow, Institute for Geophysics, Jackson School of Geosciences
Postdoctoral Fellow, Jackson School of Geosciences

Office: ROC
Mailcode: R2200

Antoniette Greta Grima is a Geodynamicist interested in the deep slab-mantle relationship and its surface expression. She is also interested in understanding the link between the deep slab fragments observed at long-lived subduction zones with surface tectonic regime changes. Through her work on deep slab dynamics, she discovered a new slab behavior through which slabs break directly at the top of the lower mantle, with implications for subduction evolution, cessation and interpretations of paleo-plate motions, coining the term ‘Slab Orphaning’. At UTIG, Antoniette uses numerical models to study deep slab dynamics and the generation of topography at subduction zones. She is currently working with Professors Thorsten Becker and Claudio Faccenna to study how slabs within the mantle transition zone can transmit stresses to the surface to initiate new subduction zones.