Adventures in Virtual Reality Adventures in Virtual Reality
Tour the Edwards aquifer and El Paso, Texas, without leaving your desktop!
Aquifer Model in a Tank Aquifer Model in a Tank
This simple model is intended for student inquiry into ground-water systems.
CO2 Outreach CO2 Outreach
Audience-pleasing physical models to support CO2 outreach. Interesting and engaging physical models.
Floods Floods
An experiment with a stream table to observe rivers forming and see what happens during a flood.
(Grade 6)
Hydrogeology Experiments Hydrogeology Experiments
Using hydrogeology models, students will learn how our actions influence water quantity and quality.
Is Dirt Just Dirt? Is Dirt Just Dirt?
Four Experiments that look closely at several types of dirt.
Soil Erosion Experiments
Soil Erosion Experiments

Students learn what factors affect erosion and what methods can be used to prevent erosion.
Texas Rock Cycle Texas Rock Cycle
An exercise demonstrating rock transformation. Students will make observations, do analyses, and draw conclusions as they use rocks as clues to what happened in the past.