Training Policy and Lab Access

Instrument Training

  • Goals of Training

The mission of the lab is to produce high-quality, publishable data and to provide hands-on experience with electron microscopy instrumentation to students and researchers. The lab manager is available to provide training to new/inexperienced users, to modify and create analytical routines, and to monitor data quality. All experienced users of this facility are expected to generate their own data. To obviate damage to and misuse of the instruments, new/inexperienced users are required to work with the lab manager or one of the lab assistants.

  • Description of Training

Training includes an overview of the operation of the instrument(s), focusing on the safe and efficient use of the instrument.

All new/inexperienced internal users, including those from other departments at UT-Austin, are required to complete training before he/she can use the instrument. Completion of training allows a user to have unassisted use of the instrument(s) during normal, business hours (M-F, 9AM to 5PM). Any user that needs/wants to use multiple instruments will need to complete training for each instrument. Those users that can demonstrate to the lab manager a high-level of proficiency using the instrument(s) will be allowed to access and use the instrument(s) outside of business hours.

Any internal (UT-Austin) user interested in using the equipment in the lab should contact the lab manager to schedule training. Training is available to individuals and groups. All users are expected to have a basic knowledge of electron microscopy before beginning training. Little to no explanation of electron microscopy theory will be provided during training.

  • External Users

External (academic) users will receive as much training as needed until the user feels confident with the instrument.

External (commercial) users may send samples to the lab manager for analysis. The lab manager will perform the analyses and send a report of results.

  • General knowledge resources

SEM basics in text and video (applies to both JEOL 8200 and 6490)

XRD basics in text

Optical petrography tutorials and guides

Lab Access

Most users will not have access to the lab because instruments can be damaged by inexperienced users during unsupervised use. Keys are lent to all users for the duration of the reserved time. Those users that are permitted to work outside business hours can petition for access to the lab. Completion of instrument-specific training gives users the permission to use the instrument(s) unsupervised; that does not include 24/7 access to the facility.