SEM technique: cathodoluminesence

Our JEOL 6490 is equipped with a Gatan PanaCL cathodoluminesence (CL) detector, perfect for observing CL signal in zircons, quartz, carbonates, and other luminescent materials. The CL signal is collected using the Oxford Instruments Aztec software, allowing automated large area image collection and very high single-image pixel counts. CL can be quite sensitive to final polish quality, but not so much as EBSD. CL can be collected in high vacuum with a light carbon coat, or in variable pressure mode with no coating.

PanaCL images of a ~200 um zircon grain, collected in 30 seconds.

PanaCL images of a ~300 ┬Ám zircon grain, collected at 4096×3072 pixels (600-700 nanometer step size) for 120 seconds.