Scheduling and Rate Structure

Requesting instrument time

Research activities in the Electron Microbeam Laboratory has resumed normal operation as of May 17th, and all users are encouraged to schedule their training or instrument time!

First, please email lab director Dr. Phil Orlandini with a brief description of your research goals! We want to make sure that you are able to get the data that you need, and a quick discussion regarding lab capabilities and general cost estimates is in everyone’s best interests.

Rate Structure and Rates
Rates are structured as follows:

  • Internal (UT-Austin),
  • External-Academic (other universities and government entities)
  • External-Commercial (Commercial, for-profit entities)

All instruments have two hourly rates, one for normal working hours (09:00 – 17:00) and a lower rate for evenings when there will be no lab support (17:00 – 0:900). The JEOL 8200 microprobe typically requires a few extra hours on top of time actually spent on samples due to the additional planning requirements of setting up quantitative microanalysis. Simple or routine analyses may require very little additional planning or setup.

Please note that post-processing of all data generated in the lab is free, and available to all at any time – but lab assistance and interpretation is not guaranteed. All data is backed up permanently to a local hard drive bank accessible from several lab computers, and data can be digitally transferred using personal storage devices, email, or UT’s Box system.

 These rates effective as of 9/9/2019.

JEOL 8200 EPMA JEOL 6490 LV-SEM Bruker D8 XRD
Day Night Day Night Day Night
Internal (UT-Austin) $30 $15 $24 $12 $15 $8
External-Academic $70 $50 $55 $35 $35 $20
External-Commercial $150 $100 $80 $65 $50 $35