Equipment for Sample Preparation

Each of the instruments in the DGS Electron Microbeam Laboratory requires a different sample preparation procedure. The links for each instrument on the right-hand side of this page provide details regarding specific sample preparation techniques and sample requirements.
The following is a list of associated equipment in the lab for sample preparation:

  • Two transmitted/reflected light microscopes (one with a digital camera and 24″ monitor)
  • One stereo microscope
  • General supplies for SEM work: 1/2″ and 1″ Al stubs, carbon dots, and C, Al, and Cu conductive/adhesive tapes
  • 1″ and 1/4″ holders to make epoxy-embedded samples
  • Lapidary machine with four polishing wheels
  • Glass polishing plates: 30-3 um alumina-embedded sheets and 3, 1, and 0.25 um loose diamond grit
  • Buehler VibroMet® 2 Vibratory Polisher, with 0.02 µm colloidal silica solution
  • Branson 8200 ultrasonic bath
  • Ladd evaporative coater (carbon)
  • Denton Desk II coater (gold)
  • Ceramic mortar and pestles for grinding samples for powder XRD
  • Glycol chamber for XRD samples