Geoscience Leadership Organization for Women promotes leadershipoutreach, and community within earth sciences, impacting all members of the geoscience community.



Date/Time Event Location Extra Information Contact
4/7/21 Meeting ZOOM Victoria Stengel of the USGS spoke to GLOW about her career, he experiences as a woman, and her career advice Abby Creighton
3/26/21 Seminar ZOOM GLOWGEN, and BeVocal partnered to present a Bystander Intervention Training to the Jackson School community Margaret Murakami
3/24/21 Meeting ZOOM GLOW chatted with Dr. Ashley Matheny spoke to GLOW about her career as a UT professor Abby Creighton
3/10/21 Meeting ZOOM GLOW chatted, played games, and relaxed in the first meeting after spring break Abby Creighton
2/24/21 Meeting ZOOM Geeta Persad spoke to GLOW about her experience in the geosciences as well as the implications of the Texas deep freeze Abby Creighton
2/10/21 Meeting ZOOM Former GLOW president Feifei Zhao revisited the club to discuss PhD programs, field work, and navigating universities during COVID Abby Creighton
1/27/21 Meeting ZOOM For the first meeting of the semester,  GLOW members caught up by playing some games Abby Creighton
12/9/20 Meeting ZOOM GLOW spoke with UT’s Professor Jaime Barnes about her career path and her advice for students Abby Creighton
11/11/20 Meeting ZOOM GLOW members talked with Susan Longacre, a carbonate geologist, about her career path Abby Creighton
10/28/20 Meeting ZOOM GLOW members discussed navigating graduate school, finding a job, and mental health with TCEQ’s Katie Delbecq Abby Creighton
10/14/20 Meeting ZOOM GLOW discussed Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) in the Jackson School Abby Creighton
10/11/20 Outreach event ZOOM GLOW officers attended Women in STEM Leadership Collaborative Kick-Off Org Fair, an event for leadership training Abby Creighton
9/30/20 Meeting ZOOM Jennifer Jordan, JSG’s career services director, spoke with GLOW about exploring careers in geoscience Abby Creighton
9/16/20 Meeting ZOOM Dr. Barbara Mahler spoke to GLOW about being a hydrologist at the USGS Abby Creighton
9/2/20 Meeting ZOOM GLOW members held a beginning of semester introductory meeting Abby Creighton
2/25/17 Girl Day NHB Hallway GLOW members made fossils at Girl Day, an event aimed at introducing girls to STEM fields. Kimberly Aguilera
2/18/17 Social Pease Park GLOW members meet up for a picnic at the park. Jasmin Alfaro
11/29 5:15pm Movie Night JGB 3.222 GLOW members took a study break and watched Elf, decorated cookies and met other members. Jasmin Alfaro
11/15 5:15pm Meeting JGB 3.222 Mel Bechberger of ConocoPhillips spoke to GLOW members about her career path and experience in industry. Caroline Nazworth
11/01 5:15pm Meeting JGB 3.222 Juanita Baldwin and Yessenia Jaramillo spoke to GLOW members about internship opportunities and their experience at TCEQ. Caroline Nazworth
10/30/2016 Longhorn Halloween Frank Erwin Center GLOW members made slime with grade school students to demonstrate the excitement of science and to celebrate Halloween! Kimberly Aguilera IMG_2161
10/18 5:15pm Meeting JGB 3.222 Undergraduate Research Panel- Current Jackson School undergraduates answer questions on getting involved in undergraduate research at UT. Caroline Nazworth
10/4 5:15pm Meeting JGB 4.102 GLOW and Longhorn AAPG host Barbara Tillotson who provided an overview of her industry experience. Caroline Nazworth
9/20 5:15pm Meeting JGB 3.120 Graduate Student Panel– Current Jackson School graduate students answer questions about graduate school and the application process. Caroline Nazworth
9/6 5:15pm Meeting JGB 3.222 Jackson School Career Services spoke to GLOW and offered tips for the upcoming career fair. Caroline Nazworth
8/30 5:15pm Meeting JGB 3.222 Introduction meeting – members express what they would like to see from GLOW this year. Caroline Nazworth
4/26 5:15pm Meeting JGB 3.222 TCEQ speakers James (Bo) Slone provided an overview of his experience at TCEQ and showcase a day in the life of an investigator, and Juanita Baldwin gave a brief overview of TCEQ’s internship program and Transitions Hiring Program. Rachel Ruthven
 4/12 5:15pm Meeting JGB 3.222 Field Camp Panel and Officer Elections Rachel Ruthven
4/18 – 4/22 Social Jackson School of Geosciences GeoWeek Rachel Ruthven
4/3/2016 Social Lady Bird Lake Kayaking with UGS Allison Berti  UGS/GLOW Kayaking
4/1/2016 Outreach Baldwin Elementary GLOW members went to Baldwin Elementary to teach two 4th grade classes about dynamic earth and its processes. Caroline Nazworth  Baldwin Elementary
 3/29/2016 Meeting JGB 3.222 Anadarko speakers Kadira Singh, Janelle Rendon, and Thuy Rocque presented on the Role of Geoscientist in the Oil/Gas Industry. Rachel Ruthven

Meeting JGB 3.222 Dr. Pamela Hallock Muller: Women in Geosciences – The Amazing Power of One Rachel Ruthven
3/5/2016 Outreach Jackson School Explore UT! Members help out to show grade school students the excitement of geology.  Caroline Nazworth
3/3/2016 Meeting JGB 3.222 Guest speaker, Dr. Pamela Muller, will be speaking on the effect Title IX has had on opportunities for women in geosciences specifically pertaining to education and the effect women in faculty positions have on the student body. She will also be speaking at the paleo brown bag seminar where she will discuss her research. Rachel Ruthven
2/23/2016 Social EPS 1.126 GLOW members watched The Martian and had a chance to meet other members. Allison Berti
 2/9/2016 Meeting JGB 3.222 GLOW hosts an undergraduate research panel to help members get involved in the Jackson School. Rachel Ruthven
 1/27/2016 Meeting JGB 2.218 GLOW and UGS co-host guest speaker, Jaime Barnes. She discussed her life as a geoscience faculty member. Rachel Ruthven
11/3/2015 Meeting JGB 4.102 Guest speaker, Patty Ganey-Curry from the Institute of Geophysics, spoke about her life as a geoscientist and current research in the Gulf of Mexico. Rachel Ruthven
 10/20/2015 Meeting JGB 4.102 Glow hosts a graduate student panel to help upperclassmen prepare for graduate school applications and decisions. Rachel Ruthven
10/4/2015 Social Gregory Gym GLOW volleyball IM team’s matches begin Allison Berti
 10/6/2015 Meeting JGB 3.222 Guest speaker, Jessica Miller, spoke about the Energy Management Program and how to get involved. Rachel Ruthven
 9/22/2015 Meeting JGB 4.102

Guest speaker, Melody Bechberger from ConocoPhillips, spoke about how to interview successfully for jobs.

Rachel Ruthven
 9/8/2015 Meeting JGB 4.102

Career Fair. Maurine Reiss, Career Services Director, presents on how to prepare for the Career Fair

Rachel Ruthven
 9/1/2015 Meeting JGB 4.102 Introductory meeting – discussion of what members would like to see from GLOW this semester Rachel Ruthven
 5/7/2015 Banquet

Texas Union Building Santa Rita Suite (UNB 3.502)

GLOW Evening of Science and Leadership Banquet

Emilie Gentry
3/31/2015 Caving Whirlpool Cave UT Grotto took GLOW on a special private tour through Whirlpool Cave, where we crawled, climbed, and got muddier than we’ve ever been! Bridget Pettit 11077851_831049200307175_3990033938076608794_n
3/3/2015 Meeting JGB 4.102 Special guest Margaret Mattix, VP of Global Marketing for ExxonMobil, spoke about having presence as a woman in industry. Emilie Gentry
2/24/15  Meeting JGB 4.102 Dr. Whitney Behr gave a talk about her research, spoke about being a professor, and answered questions about the work-life balance. Emilie Gentry
2/17/2015 Lunch Fricano’s Deli A couple GLOW officers met with Lead Analyst of the Union for Concerned Scientists, Gretchen Goldman to talk about UCS and its research Emilie Gentry UCS
2/16/2015 Outreach Austin Convention Center Members of GLOW served as judges for the Earth Science Division for the Austin Regional Science Fair Gabby Ramirez Austin Science Fair
2/9/2015 Meeting  JGB 4.102 A panel of juniors and seniors spoke about their experience with undergraduate research and the various options available to undergraduates. Emilie Gentry
 1/23/2015  Meeting JGB 4.102  A panel of skilled geologists gave tips and tricks to know for field work and field camp Emilie Gentry
1/22/2015 Kickoff Party JGB 3.222 Food, fun, and mingling: old and new members met and officers discussed plans for the semester Emilie Gentry
12/2/2014  Holiday Party  JGB 3.222 Dinner, desert, and Elf made for a great study break! Emilie Gentry
11/18/2014 Meeting JGB 3.222  A select panel of researchers discussed various methods of research, including field work, lab work, and modeling Emilie Gentry
11/5/2014 Meeting JGB 3.222 Member of JSG Advisory Board and 1st female president of AAPG Robbie Gries gave a special presentation on the history of women in petroleum Emilie Gentry
11/2/2014 Outreach Frank Erwin Center GLOW members made “slime” with the children of UT Faculty and Staff at Longhorn Halloween Gabby Ramirez
10/28/2014 Meeting JGB 3.222 Workshop with Lindsay Chamberlain on building personal leadership skills Emilie Gentry
10/26/14 Kayaking Town Lake A great, sunny day of kayaking on Town Lake Kayaking 10.29.14
10/14/2014 Meeting JGB 3.222 Geosciences Disciplines Panel Emilie Gentry
10/4/2014 Outreach Helping Hands Home GLOW volunteered at Helping Hands Home with a paleontology craft project and rock samples! Gabby Ramirez
9/30/2014 Meeting JGB 3.222 ExxonMobil recruiter Patricia Walker spoke about her career as a geologist Emilie Gentry
9/27/2014 Day Hike St. Edwards Park Day hike in St. Edwards Park led by graduate student Meredith Bush, complete with a rope swing! Bridget Pettit
9/15/2014 Meeting JGB Dr. Liz Catlos spoke about her career as a professor of geology Emilie Gentry
9/2/2014 Meeting JGB JSG Career Center’s Chelsea Ochoa gave a presentation on career fair prep Emilie Gentry
3/25/2014 Professor dinner Clay Pit Undergraduates dined with JSG professors and discussed research, geology, and future goals. Anastasia Piliouras
3/23/2014 Day hike Pedernales Falls A day hike at Pedernales Falls State Park, led by Dr. David Mohrig. Anastasia Piliouras
3/18/2014 Meeting JGB TCEQ came to talk about working for the state. Emilie Gentry
3/6/2014 GLOW breakfast Barrow Conference Room Take a break from midterms with coffee and breakfast tacos. Anastasia Piliouras
3/1/2014 Explore UT UT GLOW volunteered to help out at Explore UT. Gabby Ramirez
2/18/2014 Meeting JGB 3.222 How to get involved in research. We had a panel of undergraduates, graduate students, and post-docs to answer questions about research. Emilie Gentry
2/4/2014 Meeting JGB 3.222 How to plan for life after grad school. Emilie Gentry
1/27/2014 5:15pm Meeting JGB 3.222 First meeting of the semester! Guest speakers Patrick McAndless from Imperial Metals, Dean Mosher from JSG, and Dr. Steve Dent from Austin High School talk about various careers in geoscience. Emilie Gentry
1/16/2014 Science Night Murchison Elementary School GLOW members visited Murchison Elementary in Pflugerville for their Science Night to teach kids and parents about rocks and minerals. Gabby Ramirez
12/10/2013 GLOW study hours Holland center Get help studying for finals. Emilie Gentry
12/8/2013 Holiday Party Holiday party with UGS Emilie Gentry
11/19/2013 GLOW meeting Barrow Conference Room Geology trivia! Emilie Gentry
11/7/2013 Movie night JGB Chasing Ice Anastasia Piliouras
11/6/2013 GLOW meeting JGB Barrow Conference Room Susan Longacre, previously at Chevron Emilie Gentry
10/27/2013 Longhorn Halloween Frank Erwin Center A free, safe Halloween program for children of UT personnel. Gabby Ramirez
10/26/2013 Kayaking Lady Bird Lake A fun day of kayaking on the river! Anastasia Piliouras
10/22/2013 GLOW meeting JGB 3.222 Learn about the different disciplines of geoscience, possible career paths, and how to get involved in research as an undergraduate. Emilie Gentry
10/8/2013 Study hall JGB Midterm study party! Study with friends and get some extra help from upperclassmen or graduate students. Anastasia Piliouras
10/8/2013 GLOW meeting JGB 3.222 What to expect in an interview with Chelsea Ochoa. Emilie Gentry
10/2/2013 Star gazing RLM Free public star party on top of Robert Lee Moore Hall, courtesy of the UT Astronomy Department! Anastasia Piliouras
9/24/2013 General Meeting JGB 3.222 Annie Tendall spoke about The Wells Project, which involves building wells to help small villages around the world get clean water. Emilie Gentry
9/10/2013 General Meeting JGB 3.222 First organizational meeting Emilie Gentry
April 27, 2013 Helping Hands Volunteering! Helping Hand Home for Children We visited the Helping Hand Home for Children to bring some exciting activities for the children and teach them a little bit about earth sciences. Marissa Vara
April 27, 2013 End of the year potluck! Pease Park A fun get together to celebrate the end of the school year! Rania Eldam
April 26, 2013 12:00-2:00p Dr. Mathewson Lecture JGB 2.216 A great opportunity for persons interested in understanding how to become a licensed Professional Geologist, why it is important, and pertinent information regarding the first step; the Fundamentals Exam. Rania Eldam
April 23, 2013 5:00p GLOW Meeting & Elections Barrow Conference Room Meeting topic TBA. Officer elections. Rania Eldam
Apr 10, 2013 Caving Trip Whirlpool Cave A social event for beginner cavers in Austin’s Whirlpool Cave! Rania Eldam
Whirlpool Cave
February 15, 2013 Chili Cookoff Pease Park A social event for GLOW and GSEC to come together, eat good chili, and make new friends! Rania Eldam
Nov 11, 2012 Westcave Preserve Day Hike Westcave Preserve A social event in the amazing natural preserve located near Hamilton Pool. Emilie Gentry
Nov 2, 2012 Girl Scout Troop Outreach Gullett Elementary School Several of our members went to a Brownies’ Girl Scout Troop meeting to talk a little bit about how water flows into our aquifers and what types of chemicals can affect it. Rania Eldam Aquifer Activity
Oct 23, 2012 GLOW Meeting JGB 3.222 Denise Cox, Vice President of Storm Energy and Executive Committee Secretary of AAPG talked about her experiences and successes in the work force. Rania Eldam
Sept 26th, 2012 Outreach Event SAC, TMM The Ann Richards School, a local all-girls charter school, visited the university, as 13 GLOW volunteers led instructional activities about geology, hydrogeology, and paleontology. Marissa Vara Understanding Geologic Time Grades 6-8My Visit To The Museum – PreK-Kindergarten