Summer Academies

Frequently Asked Questions

About GeoFORCE

How many students are accepted to GeoFORCE each year?
GeoFORCE accepts a minimum of 126 eighth grade students per year; 42 students from the Southwest region, 42 students from Houston, and 42 students from the Austin metropolitan area.

How long is the GeoFORCE program?
GeoFORCE recruits students in the 8th grade and keeps them in the program throughout high school. It is a four-year commitment for the student and GeoFORCE.

How is GeoFORCE funded?
See our Sponsors pages. GeoFORCE has an annual budget of about $1.6 million, of which about 1 million is raised annually from gifts and grants.

How much does it cost for students to attend GeoFORCE?
GeoFORCE is an all-expense paid program. It is free for participants.

Is GeoFORCE safe for my child/student?
GeoFORCE works under the University of Texas’s Youth Protection Program to minimize risk to our students. You can read more about YPP and the guidelines it sets for GeoFORCE here.

For Returning GeoFORCE Students

Do I have to apply every year?
No. BUT returning GeoFORCE students do have to re-register every year. See the student registration page for more information.

If I switch schools after being accepted in to GeoFORCE, can I still stay in the program?
Yes, once accepted to GeoFORCE students may stay in the program no matter where they move, as long as they are able to get to us to attend the summer field course.

What if I have to miss a trip?
Our students are allowed 1 excused absence from an Academy trip to still be considered as having completed the GeoFORCE program. Excused absences must be documented. They include a contagious illness/medical emergency (with a doctor’s note), a death in the family (with a parental note stating relationship to deceased and date of death/funeral service), a natural disaster (with photographic proof of inability to travel), or a conflicting event (wherein an Excuse Form must be submitted by April 1st and reviewed on a case-by-case basis.) Students are occasionally allowed to arrive late or leave early from a trip, provided 45 days advanced warning is given and they arrange their own transportation. When in doubt, contact us and discuss the situation. We try to accommodate as much as possible.

For GeoFORCE Alumni

What is the GF College Program?
GeoFORCE College is our program for all graduates of GeoFORCE. It starts in your senior year of high school, after your final summer GeoFORCE trip.

The focus is college, so senior year we will help you with college application and financial aid application questions. While you are in college, we will keep in touch, offer mentoring and advice, and possibly drop by to take you out for a meal. We offer opportunities such as research, internship, and job openings.

How often does the GF Grads Bulletin come out?
It is published quarterly, in August, November, February, and May.

How do I keep in touch with GeoFORCE after high school?
Be sure we have an updated email address for you so you can receive all our news.

Why should I keep in touch with GeoFORCE?
Well we have known you since you were 13 or 14, and we like you, so we want to know how you are doing. Also, we want to brag about you. Our sponsors really want to know how GeoFORCE kids fare beyond high school, and so we report annually about what our grads are up to. Our sponsors want to hire you, so if we know how to reach you and what education you’ve had, we can put you on contact with each other.