Transition to College

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Summer Opportunities

GeoFORCE Summer Staff

Every year, GeoFORCE hires alumni in college and experts in the field to staff our summer academies. Summer staff must re-apply every year. The applications opening in November. Make sure you are on our alumni mailing list or our GeoFORCE Monthly listserv to keep an eye out for the call for applications.

Summer staff positions include:

Counselor: Open to all current and recently graduated college students. Counselors are in charge of keeping our students safe during the summer academies.

ECIT (Educational Coach in Training): Open to college juniors, seniors, and recently graduated college students who majored in STEM. ECITs support the educational team on the intense 12th grade academy. This position is perfect for geoscience majors to gain experience teaching in their field.

Trail Driver: Open to all college graduates. Trail drivers work directly with the coordinator to provide logistics. They drive the trail vehicle, are in charge of food and water, and occasionally lead students in the field.

EC (Educational Coach): Open to middle and high school educators. ECs work with the instructor to provide support for the students through review activities, educational assignments, and occasionally leading lectures.

Instructor: Open to professional geoscientists or late Ph.D. students. Instructors lead the educational component of the GeoFORCE academies, including lectures and activities.


Math & Science Institute

Open to all students transitioning to college and planning to study a STEM major. This intensive 10-day boot camp is designed to prepare you for college-level calculus and chemistry courses. The Math and Science institute occurs in late July or early August every year. Applications to be a student will open in late spring.

We also hire PLA (Peer-Learning Assistants) who act as tutors and study support for the students during the Math & Science Institute.


Undergraduate Research Traineeship Experience (RTX)

The RTX is a paid opportunity for STEM undergraduates and recent graduates to gain technical skills, get involved in geoscience research and develop your own educational and professional goals. You would:

  • Spend eight weeks as part of a cohort of students learning together and supporting one another.
  • Participate in a series of training modules on data analytics, computational techniques, digital tools, and programming languages used in the geosciences.
  • Engage in weekly workshops on research skills and personal and professional development, with topics like reading scientific literature, coping with stress, and how to apply to graduate school.
  • Trainees are selected as a “Researcher” or a “Learner.”
    • “Researchers” are paired with mentors and guided through an independent research project that focuses on applying the skills learned.
    • “Learners” gain research exposure by attending Jackson School research group meetings through “Research Rotations.”
  • See examples of past projects and training modules here.


Other Opportunities

We keep a running spreadsheet of research opportunities and internships for undergraduate students to apply to. Be sure to check it out if you’re looking to expand upon your experience and improve your future job options.