Transition to College

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Financial Aid & Scholarships

The GeoFORCE team is dedicated to help our students find and receive scholarships and financial aid. As part of our Transition to College initiative, we will help you with any questions about filling out the FAFSA and other opportunities to apply for financial aid. We also keep you up-to-date with scholarship opportunities, both as high school students and throughout college.

Financial aid & Scholarships are available for all kinds of students all over the country.  The sooner you can investigate what is being offered, the sooner you can apply and be awarded the funds you will need for your first year.


During High School

Check out our high school scholarship spreadsheet to see some scholarships we encourage our students apply for. We do our best to update this spreadsheet every year.

Be sure to let us know where you plan to attend college and what your intended major is so we can see if you’re eligible for any of our GeoFORCE scholarships. In 2021, GeoFORCE awarded five $5,000 scholarships to GeoFORCE alumni entering the Jackson School of Geosciences at UT Austin.

During College

Applying for scholarships shouldn’t stop when you enter college. Look into our college student scholarship spreadsheet to apply for more money to help your financial aid package as you continue your college journeys.


We are happy to be a reference or write you a letter of recommendation for your college, scholarships, internship, or job applications. Be sure to reach out with plenty of time before the deadline!