GEO 382D Crustal GeoFluids

GEO 382D Crustal GeoFluids
Fall 2022, Mon/Wed 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.
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Peter B. Flemings

Link to Syllabus: GEO 382D Crustal GeoFluids

This course provides a broad overview of basin geomechanics to the graduate student or upper level undergraduate with a modest quantitative background. It provides you with the technical foundation and physical insight to explore how stress and pressure drive geologic processes. You will characterize pressure and stress, explore the origin of overpressure, and examine how pressure and stress couple. You will learn how sedimentation generates overpressure, how hydraulic fractures form, how hydrocarbons are trapped in the subsurface, how mud volcanoes form, and how submarine landslides are generated. I practice problem-based learning and I will provide exercises that build your theoretical understanding and illustrate the remarkable ways that we can use data to characterize fluid systems. A highlight of the course is a field trip to California to study natural hydraulic fractures.

GeoFluids class in front of huge natural hydraulic fracture (Santa Cruz, Ca.)

Graduate student Zach Murphy describes hydraulic fracturing.