Rania Eldam

Rania Eldam, B.S. '13

Areas of Study: Geochemistry, Structural Geology

Research Projects: I am using stable isotope geochemistry to determine the isotopic ratios of oxygen in serpentinites, blueschists, and eclogites from the Franciscan Complex in northern California in order to provide a structural relationship of these subduction zone facies.

Why Did you Choose the Jackson School?: I chose to study at the Jackson School because when transferring schools and majors, the professors in the Jackson School had a way of inspiring me to see the intricate beauty of earth sciences and how intellectually stimulating this field can be. After only one class in the geology department, I was hooked. The faculty and staff here are obviously the top in their respective field, and having the honor of learning from the best is just an opportunity I wouldn’t dare to pass up. Their passion and knowledge of the subject continues to challenge and inspire me every day I remain a student here.

What do you enjoy most about the school?: I enjoy the people in the Jackson School most of all. Geology is such a collaborative science, and this school has done an incredible job of creating a community and team of students who will no doubt be the leaders in their field when our generation has progressed further. So many of the students are incredibly bright, helpful, and passionate, it’s impossible not to make lasting friendships with these amazing people who share my love for this obscure (though less so in recent years) science.

What fun activity would you recommend to an incoming UT student?: I would definitely recommend getting involved with any Jackson School organizations as soon as possible, as well as any field assistant or lab assistant work they can get into. Getting experience in research and field work early can definitely put a student ahead of the curve, and allow more prestigious opportunities to surface. Working in labs, being involved with organizations, and doing field work, may not initially sound like a blast, but it gets students the opportunity to go on incredible trips, whether it’s going to Scotland for two weeks to hike and camp, or out to northern California to pitch a tent on the beach, the more experience you get, the better chance you have at making the most of your experience here at this leading institution.