Visiting Future Faculty and Research Scientists

The visiting Future Faculty and Research Scientists initiative is positioned to establish the Jackson School of Geosciences as a leader in promoting the careers of future members of the academy and research centers. Over two days, doctoral candidates (advanced to candidacy) and new PhDs and ScDs meet with potential future research collaborators, present a technical talk, and time permitting visit a JSG partner high school.   Since March of 2019, seven visitors have presented to the JSG community.

Visiting Future Faculty and Research Scientists

March 2019-Laura Rodriguez, Penn State
March 2019-Vashan Wright, SMU
March 2019-Melissa Sims, Stony Brook
October 2019-Johns Hopkins Postdoc-DeFord Speaker
March 2019-Carmen Atkins, Alabama (FVSU Alum, JSG Alum)
August 2019-La’Shaye Cobley, Utah- DeFord Fall 2019 Kick Off speaker
April 2020- Sean Peters, ASU- Virtual UTIG- Brown Bag Seminar
May 2020-Julia Cisneros, U of Illinois- Virtual Soft Rock Seminar

Laura Rodriguez

Laura Rodriguez

Doctoral work at Pennsylvania State University

The Chemistry of Nitrogen Heterocycles in Complex Prebiotic Mixtures: Using Chemical Trends to Elucidate Plausible Pre-RNAs on the Early Earth

Advisor: Dr. Christopher House


Vashan WrightVanshan Wright

Doctoral work at Southern Methodist University

Assessing Quaternary Geohazards in Hispaniola and Jamaica using Seismic, Remote Sensing and Sediment Core Data.”

Advisor: Dr. Matthew Hornbach



Carmin AtkinsCarmen Atkins

Doctoral work at University of Alabama

Geochemical, Spatial, and Seismic Characterization of Microbialite Reservoir Distribution on Carbonate Ramps: A Comparison between the Jurassic Smackover and the Cambrian Wilberns Formations.”

Advisor: Dr. Marcello Minzoni


Melissa SimsMelissa Sims

Doctoral work at  State University of New York at StonyBrook

Simulating meteor impacts in the diamond anvil cell

Advisors: Dr. Timothy Glotch and Dr. Matthew L. Whitaker



La'shayeLa’Shaye Cobley

Doctoral work at University of Utah

A tale of two sources: responses of urban vegetation to vehicle emissions and fertilizer application

Advisor: Dr. Diane Pataki



Julia CisnerosJulia Cisneros

Doctoral work at University of Illinois

Dune morphology and dynamics in alluvial channels

Advisor: Dr. James Best



Sean PetersSean Peters

Arizona State University

The emplacement of lava flows: implications for hazards and planetary evolution

Advisor: Philip Christensen