Office of Broader Impacts of Geoscience Research (BIGR)

The Office of Broader Impacts of Geoscience Research (BIGR) was created to develop and sustain an integrated program of broader impacts of geoscience research. BIGR will assist faculty, research scientists, students, alumni and staff with broader impacts and use broader impacts to increase and sustain diversity, equity and inclusion in JSG. Broader Impacts of research and teaching, as defined by the National Science Foundation, include broadening participation in the sciences, benefiting society, broadening dissemination to advance understanding, and promoting training and learning.

BIGR Services will include:

  • Assisting faculty and research scientists with broader impacts requirements for research proposals by advising them of ways to integrate their efforts with current programs or by developing new initiatives.
  • Assisting student organizations with broader impacts initiatives.
  • Assisting the Office of Communication with increasing dissemination of research important to society to increase public understanding and awareness of the geosciences.
  • Assisting JSG leadership with broadening participation at the staff, undergraduate, graduate, postdoctoral, research scientist, and faculty level.

Measures of Success

  • Clearly defined opportunities and assistance for writing meaningful and easy-to-implement broader impacts in grant proposals.
  • A more geoscience literate citizenry.
  • Increased collaborations between Jackson School and HBCU, HIS, MSI, and Tribal Collegefaculty and researcher scientists.
  • Increased applications to the undergraduate major in the Jackson School from high schools with high achieving economically disadvantaged students.
  • Increased number of students from minority serving institutions applying to, being admitted to and accepting admission to Jackson School undergraduate and graduate degree programs.
  • Increased national recognition as a destination of choice for diversity and inclusion.
  • Increased number of underrepresented students interested in chemistry, mathematics, physics and biology applying to, being admitted to and accepting admission to Jackson School undergraduate and graduate degree programs.
  • Increased faculty consideration for graduate admission and admission to graduate school of GeoFORCE alum, STEMFORCE alum, and undergraduates from HSIs, HBCUs, Tribal Colleges and MSIs.
  • An increased number of GeoFORCE Texas and/ or STEMFORCE students graduating from college with a major in a STEM field.
  • Increased underrepresented students’ interest in geoscience academic careers.
  • Increased diverse staff.
  • Increase early identification of potential future faculty hires from underrepresented and protected groups.
  • Increased equitable and unbiased consideration of faculty candidates from underrepresented groups.
  • Increased desired outcomes from GeoFORCE Texas for all stakeholders in a cost effective way.
  • Increased academic competitiveness of GeoFORCE and STEMFORCE alum
  • Increased diversified funding for GeoFORCE and STEMFORCE.
  • Increased interaction between Jackson School faculty, research scientists, and students and their counterparts from Mexico.
  • Increased national recognition of the Jackson School for innovation in geoscience education.
  • Increased majors and degrees awarded in the Jackson  School Bachelor of Science in Geological Sciences Option V: Teaching.
  • Increased Jackson School geoscience instruction at two-year colleges, Tribal Colleges, MSIs, HSIs, and HBCUs.
  • Increased recognition as a national leader in Next Generation Science Standards aligned geoscience education professional development.
  • Increased contribution to the future of undergraduate geoscience education.

JSG Office of Broader Impacts Staff

Staff Samuel Moore Tie

Samuel Moore, Ph.D., Director of Outreach and Diversity/Office of Broader Impacts of Geoscience Research | (512) 471-1396




Katherine Ellins Photo

Katherine Ellins, Program Director for Geoscience Education Research  (512) 471 0347





Photo of Dana ThomasDana Thomas, Ph.D., Coordinator for College Transition, Student Success, and Learning Experiences | (512) 471-7807






Staff Lindsay Stephens

Lindsay Stephens, Operations Coordinator | (512) 232-8089





Staff Sandra VasquezSandra Vasquez, Senior Administrative Associate | (512) 471-0362





Cara Collins PhotoCara Collins, Outreach Coordinator| (512) 471-0362