Research opportunities: Ways to get involved

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Within the Jackson School

From the core to the cosmos! Research at the Jackson School occurs across themes that encompass the entire Earth system, oceans, atmosphere and our planetary neighbors. Research is conducted by the school’s three units: the Department, the Bureau of Economic Geology, and the University of Texas Institute for Geophysics (UTIG).

Current Research Opportunities

Visit our list of current research groups and research projects at UT currently recruiting undergraduate researchers.

Browse faculty and researcher websites

Greenland ice breaker
Undergraduate research at the Department could take you to the ends of the Earth!

Folks frequently post opportunities for research on their own research websites. Often the best way to get started is to browse their profile pages and websites. If someone is working in an area you’d like to do research why not start a conversation and find out what opportunities are available. Keep reading for tips on how to break the ice with professors and researchers.

Jackson School Directory

The Jackson School keeps a directory of all current faculty and research staff.

Bureau of Economic Geology

The Bureau conducts research projects around the world in many areas, from energy, to land resources, to carbon capture technology. The Bureau keeps a list of all its researchers on its website.

University of Texas Institute for Geophysics

UTIG s a world leader in expeditionary-scale geophysical research and conducts research in four broad themes: climate; energy, marine geosciences, seismology and tectonophysics; planetary and polar geophysics. Each theme hosts its own group of researchers and students. Visit UTIG’s research page for more information.

The Department of Geological Sciences

The Department’s research is organized into three main themes. Each theme also lists the researchers working in that field.

Reaching out to professors

There are many online guides to help you write an introductory email to professors about doing research in their labs, for example here and here.

Other Research Opportunities at the Jackson School

Across campus

To learn about research opportunities across UT, check out these links:

National and international research opportunities