Financial Support

Through the Geology Foundation, the Jackson School of Geosciences (JSG) is able to provide financial assistance to its undergraduate and graduate students through funds established by individuals, foundations, and industrial or research organizations.

All students may also seek financial assistance through the University’s Office of Student Financial Services.

Undergraduate Scholarships

Scholarships are currently awarded on the basis of academic standing and performance including, but not limited to, grade point average, progress towards degree, and hours completed. Additional scholarship opportunities that may be available to Jackson School undergraduates while enrolled full-time as geosciences majors include field course financial assistance and an emergency loan program.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a scholarship question not listed below please use the form below to make an inquiry.

  • What's the minimum GPA required to apply?
    A 3.5 UT overall GPA is required in order to be eligible for the JSG Undergraduate Scholarship.

  • How will I receive my scholarship?
    JSG Undergraduate Scholarship funds will go directly to a student's tuition bill.

  • Will I have to write a donor thank you letter in order to receive my award?
    Yes. Students are required to write a thank you letter in order to receive the JSG Undergraduate Scholarship.

  • If I have a program (Texas Tomorrow Fund) that already pays for tuition, what steps can I take to ensure that I am able to use the Jackson School Scholarship for another educational purpose like housing?
    Students who are recipients of the Texas Tomorrow Fund will need to self-identify on the JSG Undergraduate Scholarship Application. Doing so will notify our office to process your award differently.

  • "Did your GPA improve last semester?" As a freshman, I only have my GPA from last semester so it didn't improve or decline. Should I answer yes or no?
    For freshmen and transfer students whose first semester was their last semester, you should answer 'No'. This will not negatively impact your eligibility for the JSG Undergraduate Scholarship.

  • I tried to apply and it said it could not submit my application because I am ineligible to apply. Why is this?
    In order to be eligible for the JSG Undergraduate Scholarship, a student must have a 3.5 overall UT GPA.

  • Do I have to apply to be considered for a JSG UG Merit-based Scholarship?
    Yes. The application deadline is March 24, 2017

Field Course Financial Assistance

Financial assistance is for undergraduates enrolled in a summer course that fulfills their degree’s field experience course requirements such as GEO 660 Field Geology, GEO 376L Field Methods in Groundwater Hydrogeology, or GEO 348K Marine Geology and Geophysics. The field course financial assistance program is funded through endowed accounts maintained by the Geology Foundation for which donors have specifically expressed their desire to support undergraduate field experiences. Availability of funds, award criteria, and individual award amounts may vary from year to year. Academic standing and performance as well as expected graduation date are most often included in the review process. These awards are intended to help defray a portion of the total course costs for as many enrolled students as possible.

University Support

The Office of Student Financial Services offers a number of resources to help new and current students with financial aid and managing college finances, including:

Bevonomics. Bevonomics teaches students how to better manage their money, credit, and debt. The Daily Texan described the program in their article, “Workshop Educates Students on Facts about Leasing.”  This is one of several Bevonomics workshops currently being offered on campus. A full schedule of these workshops can be found on the Bevonomics website.

Continuing and Transfer Scholarships. The UT Austin Continuing & Transfer Scholarship Application is available in November of each year and is used to award students for the following academic year. This online application is strictly for continuing students who are eligible to enroll, external transfer students who have been officially admitted or have completed an application for transfer admission, AND returning UT Austin students who are applying for readmission to The University of Texas at Austin. Students participating in the Coordinated Admissions Program (CAP), seeking admission to UT Austin can also use this online application. Student Financial Services also has an on-line service called on which we post information about private scholarship opportunities. provides links to reputable scholarship search engines. It is available 24/7 to all students admitted to or enrolled in the University.

UT4Less. UT4Less is an online resource for undergraduates to learn how to make the world-class education UT offers as affordable as possible, and to limit their borrowing to only what they absolutely need.