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All undergraduates in the Jackson School take a set of fundamental courses, establishing a common foundation shared by students in all of the degree options. These courses include at least one of the three major introductory courses, with variations depending on a student’s degree track. Other fundamental courses cover earth materials, sedimentary rocks, the introduction to field & stratigraphic methods, and structural geology. Most undergraduates also take part in either the six-week summer field trip, Geology 660, or a comparable field course.

In addition to their geological science courses, Jackson School undergraduates must fulfill course requirements outside the Department. These include courses essential to the mathematical and scientific skills needed to become a geoscientist, such as advanced calculus and chemistry, as well as general course requirements for the university in English, history, foreign language, and other areas.

Course Catalogs & Schedules

Lower Division

Course #Course NameCourse InfoSemester
GEO 401Physical Geology
BDP 101Environmental Change and SustainabilitySpring
GEO 302CClimate: Past, Present and FutureSpring
GEO 302DThe Age of DinosaursFall
GEO 302EEarth, Wind and FireSpring
GEO 302MAge of MammalsSpring
GEO 302P
UGS 303
Sustaining a PlanetFall
GEO 303Introduction to Geology
GEO 303CIntroduction to the Solar SystemFall
GEO 404CPlate Tectonics and Earth HistorySpring
GEO 405Life through TimeFall
GEO 305EEnergy and the Environment
GEO 306PGeology and SustainabilityFall
GEO 307Introduction to Oceanography
EVS 311Field Seminar in SustainabilitySpring
GEO 114GGeophysics Colloquium
GEO 416KEarth MaterialsFall
GEO 416MSedimentary RocksFall
GEO 316PSedimentary Rocks – For Non-MajorsSpring

Upper Division

Course #Course NameCourse InfoSemester
GEO 420FClassic Geology in Scotland
GEO 420HHonors Introductory Geology
GEO 420KIntroduction to Field and Stratigraphic MethodsSpring
GEO 422KPaleobiologyFall
GEO 320LIntroductory Field GeologySyllabus
Equipment List
GEO 322SDevelopment and Evolution of Vertebrate Skeletons
GEO 322VMorphology of the Vertebrate Skeleton
GEO 325JProgramming in FORTRAN and MATLABSpring
GEO 325KComputational Methods in Geological SciencesFall
GEO 426PIgneous and Metamorphic PetrologySpring
GEO 327GGIS and GPS Applications in Earth SciencesFall
GEO 428Structural GeologyFall
GEO 330KEnergy ExplorationSpring
EVS 331Research Methods for the Environmental SciencesSpring
GEO 331KPetrology and Plate Tectonics
GEO 335Geology and Mineral Resources of Texas
GEO 338TMarine TectonicsSpring
GEO 339TContinental TectonicsFall
GEO 340TGeoclimatology
EVS 141Environmental Science Professionalism IFall
GEO 341Mineral Resources, Society and the EnvironmentFall
GEO 341GGeomicrobiology
GEO 344KMarine Mining and Minerals
GEO 344UQuantitative Seismic Interpretation
GEO 346CIntroduction to Physical and Chemical Hydrology
GEO 347GClimate ModelingFall
GEO 347KGems and Gem Minerals
GEO 347PClimate System PhysicsSpring
GEO 348KMarine Geology and Geophysics Field Course
EVS 151Environmental Science Professionalism IISpring
GEO 354Physics of EarthSpring
GEO 358KVolcanology
GEO 660Field MethodsSummer
GEO 661Geophysics Field CampSummer
GEO 465KSeismic ExplorationFall
GEO 365NGeophysical Data ProcessingSpring
GEO 365PPotential Field Applications in GeophysicsSpring
GEO 365QGeomorphology Process and FormSpring
GEO 366MMathematical Methods in GeophysicsFall
GEO 468KGeophysics for Geological Sciences MajorsSpring
GEO 370KSedimentology
GEO 371CApplied Karst HydrogeologySpring
GEO 271CGeomorphology/Glaciology SeminarFall
GEO 371CClimate Systems DiscussionSpring
GEO 371CConstruction and Interpretation of 3-D StratigraphyFall
GEO 371CEcohydrologySpring
GEO 371CField Stratigraphy: Guadalupe MountainsSpring
GEO 371CGlobal Biogeochemical CyclesFall
GEO 371CGlobal WarmingFall
GEO 371CHydrogeophysicsFall
GEO 371CIns and Outs of Subduction ZonesSpring
GEO 371CMarine GeologyFall
GEO 371CMorphodynamicsFall
GEO 371CPetroleum Basin Analysis-IBASpring
GEO 171H
GEO 271H
GEO 371H
Research Methods
GEO 376CIsotope GeologyFall
GEO 376EEnvironmental Isotope GeochemistrySpring
GEO 476KGroundwater Hydrology/Physical HydrogeologyFall
GEO 376LField Methods in Groundwater HydrologySummer
GEO 476MChemical HydrogeologySpring
GEO 376SPhysical HydrologyFall
GEO 376THigh-Temperature GeochemistrySpring
GEO 377PPhysical ClimatologyFall

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