From the Cosmos to the Core

Research & Education Programs

The Department of Geological Sciences seeks to answer some of the fundamental questions in earth science and address some of the most pressing issues of the 21st century for the benefit of society.

Lithosphere & Deep Earth

This programmatic effort studies the evolution and state of terrestrial planets including Earth. We seek to better constrain and understand how the dynamic processes within the Earth’s crust and mantle interact with other components of the Earth system, and how surface processes, as well as lithospheric and deep mantle ...

Subsurface, Surface & Life

This programmatic effort studies the past and present states of Earth’s surface; the environment. We seek to (1) understand the evolution of organisms and how developing ecosystems affect the environment, (2) understand how the transport of fluids, solutes, and solids both at and near the Earth’s surface evolve its form, ...

Water, Climate & Environment

The Water, Climate, and the Environment program at UT includes faculty that study climate and and the impact of both natural and anthropogenic climate variability on the earth’s oceans, land surface, hydrosphere and cryosphere. In particular, our group is interested at pushing understanding at the interfaces between climate, ice ...