Lithosphere & Deep Earth

Program lead: Dr. Sean Gulick

By studying the evolution and state of terrestrial planets, faculty in this research area seek to better constrain and understand how the dynamic processes within the Earth’s crust and mantle interact with other components of the Earth system as well as how surface, lithospheric, and deep mantle dynamics are expressed and recorded in Earth’s surface geology (mountain building, plate boundary deformation and volcanism). The tools used arise from the fields of geology, geochemistry, and geophysics and include field work, theoretical and experimental analysis, and numerical modeling. Please check out the informal LDE Seminar Series.

Jaime Barnes Lde
Jaime D. Barnes uses stable isotope geochemistry to research metamorphism, fluid-rock interaction, geochemical cycling.

Thorsten Becker Lde
Thorsten Becker works on mantle dynamics, fault system dynamics & structural seismology using numerical modeling.

Liz Catlos Lde
Elizabeth J. Catlos uses geochemistry of garnet-bearing rocks, granites and other materials to research the Earth’s past.

Ian Dalziel Lde
Ian W. Dalziel‘s research includes tectonics, geodynamics, geography of ancient times, plate reconstructions, structural geology.

James Gardener Lde
James E. Gardner investigates volcanic eruption & magmatic processes, experimental petrology, volatiles & degassing.

Stephen Grand
Stephen P. Grand works on seismic imaging of Earth’s mantle, tomography, dynamics of flow in the mantle, regional seismic studies.

Sean S. Gulick studies tectonic processes, the role of catastrophism in the geologic record, and marine and planetary geophysical imaging.

Marc A. Hesse studies geological fluid dynamics. He is currently interested in the brine dynamics & habitability of icy ocean worlds.

RIchard Ketcham
Richard A. Ketcham uses 3D imaging across many fields, from petrology to paleontology, and also specializes in the theory and application of thermochronology.

John Lassiter Research
John C. Lassiter studies Earth’s origin and evolution with isotope & trace element geochemistry, focusing on the convecting & lithospheric mantle and surface-to-interior chemical fluxes.

Luc Lavier
Luc L. Lavier focuses on tectonics (collisional environments & the structural and geodynamical evolution of continental and oceanic rifts), modeling, deformation, subduction.

Jung Fu Lin
Jung-Fu Lin investigates mineral physics, physics & chemistry of planetary materials, solid-Earth geophysics & geochemistry, high-pressure diamond anvil cell.

Claudia Mora
Claudia I. Mora works on stable isotope geochemistry, isotope proxy records of (paleo-) climate, (paleo-) environment & extreme climate events, metamorphic petrology & mineralogy.

Saffer Observatory Wellhead
Demian M. Saffer focuses on geomechanics, fluid flow, active faulting, & Tectonics, through a combination of laboratory, field, and numerical modeling approaches.

Daniel Stockli Research
Daniel Stockli works on thermo/ geochronology, tectonics & structural geology, isotopic provenance analysis, archeometry, geothermal exploration, thermal maturation.

C Sun Research
Chenguang Sun studies magmatic processes, deep volatile cycling & planetary habitability using lab experiments, field observations, and geochemical modeling.