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Research Updates

Research in Mexico with GeoSciences

A team of 8 UT Austin undergraduates and 8 UNAM students will work closely with a cross-disciplinary team from Geosciences, Geophysics, and Computing Sciences at...
Drs. Ann Molineux and Rowan Martindale were recently awarded an NSF- Collections in Support of Biological Research (CSBR) award to begin a dramatic improvement in...
Drs. Elizabeth Catlos, Rich Kyle and Brent Elliot were recent awarded an International Research Experiences for Students (IRES) award to provide 4 weeks of geological...
Kerry Cook (Professor, DGS) and Edward Vizy (Research Associate, DGS) have been awarded $1.3 Million from the National Science Foundation to study climate processes. One...
Gary Kocurek is part of a team that announced evidence from the Mars Curiosity rover of a past freshwater lake that could have sustained life.
Rong Fu has been awarded a $700,000 grant from the Dept. of Energy to improve drought forecasts in the Amazon Rainforest.
When Jay Banner accepted his first faculty position, teaching was just something he had to do so he could do what he really loved—research. In...
Nobody had any idea just how gigantic a pterosaur could be until the spring of 1971. Douglas A. Lawson, MA ’72, was a 22-year-old graduate...

A Classroom at the Edge of the World

Take the trip of a lifetime in this interactive online feature from the Alcalde magazine. The feature follows dozens of UT Austin geology and petroleum...

Professor Jim Sprinkle Retires

Jim Sprinkle, First Mr. and Mrs. Charles E. Yager Professor in the Department of Geological Sciences, has retired after 42 years of teaching and conducting...
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