Chairman’s Welcome

Charles KeransThe mission of the Jackson School is to advance understanding of the Earth for the lasting benefit of humankind. If this appeals to you, and if you like the idea of a scientific career that allows you to explore the world, make a living, and make a difference, then the geosciences may be right for you.

The University of Texas at Austin has one of the oldest and most prestigious geoscience programs in the world. U.S. News & World Report ranks us in the top ten for earth sciences nationally—the only program in Texas with this distinction. And we are one of the country’s largest geoscience programs, with leadership in all major areas, from the environment to energy. We have 54 faculty members, including four research professors, and a Distinguished Senior Lecturer.

Today is an especially exciting time to enter the geosciences, due to the high demand for our graduates and changes in the field that are making a dramatic impact on society. It’s also an exciting time to join the Jackson School. We are one of the most diverse and prestigious academic geosciences communities in the world and are driven by the goal of providing the best possible education and research opportunities in the earth sciences.

We aspire to be the best. I am confident that those who join us will not be disappointed.

Charles Kerans, Chairman
Department of Geological Sciences
Jackson School of Geosciences