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Writer in Residence Match Fund

One of the most critical skills to master for first year students through PhD graduate students is effective written communication. To address this need, we plan to create a Writer in Residence position within the school. This professional staff member will assist students in honing their writing and presentation skills, as well as helping instructors develop new curricula and offer community-wide trainings.

The Writer in Residence will be housed within the Holland Family Student Center, to provide easy access to students, faculty and the geo community. Just as the student center transformed our infrastructure, we plan to invigorate the people and programs that will transform the lives of those who pass through its doors.

To sustain this position for the long term, a $1 million endowment is required. Working with the Executor of the Jackson Estate, Jim Langham, we have been given the green light to establish a fund that will match endowment gifts on a 1:2 basis.

When you give $25K or more to the Writer in Residence endowment, the Jackson School will match half your gift. Your gift of $50K, will become $75K; $25K becomes $37,500, and so on. Further boosting your impact, corporate matches, as part of the total gift, are eligible to be matched by the Jackson School. Gifts may be pledged over a three year period.

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