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Why Give?

Your gifts drive the future of the Jackson School.

The Jackson School will not thrive on the gift of one, but the support of many.  As a donor to the Jackson School, you impact the future of the school and become an active participant in its evolution.  When you are an active contributor, you can take pride in each accomplishment of the school, each award, each discovery, each step on the way to preeminence.  You can rightfully say, “We did that.” And of course, as the school grows in stature, so does the value of your degree.

Join with us in moving your school to the next level of preeminence.


Our goal is to establish the fabric of a great school-a school of valued partnerships, with a strong sense of community, global in reach, empowering the next generation of scholars and transforming lives for the benefit of society.

In 2007, the school unveiled a new strategic to specifically define our steps toward realizing the Jacksons’ vision of creating a world class program.  Since then, we have increased faculty by 48%, achieved record levels of research funding, accepted our largest graduate class and launched an Environmental Science and Sustainability Undergraduate degree.  We have created new field courses like the ship-based Marine Geology & Geophysics and Land Based Geophysics. The school now occupies the E.P. Schoch building, doubling our footprint on the East Mall. GeoFORCE has expanded from rural south Texas to the Houston area, adding hundreds of students and 97% of GeoFORCE graduates have launched into college, with 54 students at UT Austin.

We have added strength in our ability to gain new insights into fundamental core, mantle and crust processes and expanded our capabilities in surface process dynamics.  Recognizing the rapidly increasing pressure on water resources, we have hired faculty in groundwater and surface-water hydrology, enhancing our core strengths in these areas.

To follow through on all of these commitments and to continue to grow, new donations to the school are critical.

The timing of the new capital campaign coincides with the Jackson School’s no less ambitious goal of becoming the preeminent geoscience program in the country, with international prominence in geology, geophysics, energy, mineral and water resources, and the broad areas of the earth sciences, including the Earth’s environment.

The Jackson School is pursuing initiatives that place it at the forefront of research, education, the competition for top talent, and the creation of the workforce of the future. At the same time, the school is actively maintaining its traditional strength as an institution that bridges theory and practice through applied research and the pursuit of projects with maximum benefit for society.

  • Fostering a Student-Centered Environment: $22 million
    • Permanently endowing field experiences
    • Creating great student services
    • Enticing the best undergraduate students to pursue the geosciences
    • Encouraging excellence through undergraduate honors research
  • Advancing Earth Science Research for Society: $22 million
    • Seed funding high-impact research
    • Endowing top research scientists and outstanding postdoctoral fellows
    • Forging the convergence of basic science and applied solutions
  • Creating the Workforce of the Future: $6 million
    • Attracting the country’s top graduate students
    • Offering college scholarships for GeoFORCE students and permanently endowing GeoFORCE
    • Fostering public events to improve understanding of the geosciences
  • Facilities: $30 million
    • A world-class student center, hub of a close-knit community within UT Austin’s large campus
    • Renovation of Schoch Building on main UT Austin campus, allowing expansion of faculty and research programs
    • Endowment of Core Research Centers in Houston, Midland, and Austin, creating self-sustaining repositories of the geologic record
  • Total: $80 million

Make a difference in the lives of students by ensuring a Jackson School tradition of outstanding student field experiences.

The scholarship allowed me to go on 660 without moving further into debt paying for college. . .  The experience gained from being in the field like that is priceless. . . I would really like to extend my sincere appreciation to the alumni that have established the Geology Foundation. . . Thank you.

– Christian Dohse,
Undergraduate, GEO 660, 2006

Many students struggle with the added expense of field trips, from the extremely popular 660 Summer Field Camp for undergraduates and its parallel track in hydrogeology to the range of field experiences pursued by graduate students.

The Field Experiences Endowment allows JSG to be competitive while some Geology programs across the country are cutting back on-or cutting out entirely-their annual field courses.

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