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Crustal evolution

Metamorphism and chemical geodynamics

Rates and kinetics of metamorphic reaction


I am an Earth Scientist who seeks to understand the processes that drive crustal evolution and its interaction with the hydrosphere and atmosphere. Central to this aim is the integration of data-sets collected over a wide range of length-scales, from kilometers in the field to nanometers in the laboratory. To date, my research has been focused on:

  • Deciphering rates of metamorphism
  • The behavior of volatile phases during subduction
  • Thermal evolution of mountain belts and mechanisms of crustal heat transfer
  • U-Th-Pb isotope systematics of accessory phases

Have a look around and don’t hesitate to contact me for further information!

Contact Information

Andrew Smye
Phone: 512-232-5762
Office: EPS 1.116
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