The Jackson School of Geosciences

Researcher & Student Profiles

JSG researcher and student profiles highlight a researcher’s bio, contact info, research, awards, lectures, photos, web links, etc. These profiles are the main source of contact for each JSG researcher throughout the JSG website. Most contact information is pulled from the UT directory and refreshed nightly. JSG provides profiles for Faculty, Emeritus, Research Scientists, Research Staff, Postdocs and Graduate Students.

How do I edit my profile?

You can edit your profile by logging on to our Profile Administration Application. If you have a direct administrative staff or student working with you or your group, you can designate them as an editor of your profile. This will allow them to make edits to your profile on your behalf. Editor designations can be requested by submitting an IT Help Ticket (be sure to include the editor’s name and UT EID).

Profile Admin URL: https://apps.jsg.utexas.edu/profiles

Request a profile

All profiles are automatically generated but if you have a unique appointment a profile may not be generated. To request a profile, submit a IT Help Ticket and include your name, UT EID and affiliation type (faculty, emeritus, research scientist, research staff, postdoc or graduate student).

Profile questions or problems

If you need assistance or need to report a problem, please submit an IT Help Ticket.