Collection Contact Information

Inquiries regarding Vertebrate Paleontology Collections loans or collections visits should be directed to the Collections Manager:

J. Chris Sagebiel
Email: | Phone: 512-232-5514 | Fax: 512-232-5518


All other requests should be directed to the Director of Museum Operations:

Matthew Brown
Email: | Phone: 512-232-5515 | Fax: 512-232-5518


Mailing address:
J. J. Pickle Research Campus
10100 Burnet Road
PRC 6-VPL, R7600
Austin, Texas 78758



Name Title Phone
Matthew A. Brown Director 512-232-5515
James C. Sagebiel Collection Manager 512-232-5514
Deborah Wagner Preparation Lab Manager 512-471-8326
Kenneth Bader Osteology Lab Manager 512-232-5516
Ernest Lundelius, Jr. Director Emeritus 512-232-5513
Timothy B. Rowe Director Emeritus 512-232-5512

UT Paleo Faculty

Research Associates

Dr. Christopher Bell Department of Geological Sciences Dr. Thomas Adams
Dr. Julia Clarke Department of Geological Sciences Dr. Brian Andres
Dr. E. Chris Kirk Department of Anthropology Dr. Jon Baskin
Dr. Rowan Martindale Department of Geological Sciences Dr. John Buckley
Dr. Timothy Rowe Department of Geological Sciences Mike Eklund
Dr. Casey Holliday
 Artist-in-Residence Dr. Robert Hook
 Sarah Wilson Dr. Christopher Jass
Jon Kalb
Dr. Thomas Lehman
Dr. Theodore Macrini
Dr. Steve May
Dr. Sterling Nesbitt
Dr. Pamela Owen
Dr. William Parker
Dr. James Stevens
Margaret Stevens
Dr. Michelle Stocker
Dr. Ron Tykoski
Dr. Sarah Werning
 Dr. James Westgate
Steven Wick