Research Theme

  • Energy Geosciences

Research Discipline

  • Structural Geology/Lithospheric Geodynamics

I am studying the opening mechanism of opening-mode fractures in tight sandstone reservoirs. My research examines synkinematic cements within macro-fractures and micro-fractures in cores and outcrops from multiple formations. I use the synkinematic cement textures and cross-cutting relationships as a proxy for fracture opening history and behavior. In that effort, I employ both standard petrography and scanning electron microscope with cathodoluminescence detector to discern the aforementioned relationships and characterize the fractures under high resolution. The ultimate goal of my research is to contribute to predicting and characterizing fractures that are essential for fluid flow in tight hydrocarbon reservoirs.

Current Research Projects

Fracture Opening Kinematics in Unconventional Oil and Gas Reservoirs