Research Theme

  • Energy Geosciences

Research Discipline

  • Sedimentary Geology/Geomorphology

My dissertation focuses on the study of tide-influenced, clean-sand tidal depositional systems: deltas, transgressive shelves and paleostraits. Because tides are an important agent of sand transport and sorting in many shallow marine environments, there are both commercial and scientific interests in improving our knowledge of tide-influenced depositional successions and environments. This work focuses on the architecture, stratigraphy and role of different processes (waves, tides, rivers) in tide-influenced settings. As sedimentologists and stratigraphers we are interested in interpreting the paleo-environmental conditions for tidal deposits, and in particular disentangling the tidal signals from other signals (e.g., storm waves, river currents) within the stratigraphic record in general, and within selected stratal packages. My project is mainly based on outcrop examples of a tide-influenced delta developed in a back-arc basin, and a tidal strait-fill developed in a narrow corridor of extensional/transtensional origin. Additionally, I am collaborating on a project on shelf tidal bodies developed in the Western Interior Seaway.

GSA Research Grant - GSA (2014)

Ronald K deFord Field Scholarship - Jackson School of Geosciences (2013)

Travel Grant - IAS (2011)

Professor Franco Forcella Award - University of Milan (2010)

Comparison and Contrasts between Different Tidal Sand-Bodies, PSAAPG, Monterey, CA (2013)

Shelf tidal ridges: the Sweet Sandstone reservoirs of the Cretaceous upper Almond Formation, Washakie basin, Wyoming Bodies, PSAAPG, Monterey, CA (2013)

The Significance of compound tidal dunes in the Neuquén Jurassic rift Basin, 8th International Conference on Tidal Environments, Caen, France (2012)

Paleo-Strait Clastic Carbonate Sandbodies, Bonifacio Basin, Corsica, AAPG, Long Beach, CA (2012)

Sedimentological analysis of large-scale cross-beds from the Burdigalian mixed carbonate-siliciclastic succession of the Bonifacio Basin (South Corsica), EGU, Vienna (2011)