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Jackson School of Geosciences

Thomas M Etzel

Thomas M Etzel
B.S., Geosciences, University of Utah, 2012
M.S., Geology, University of Utah, 2015

Office: JGB
Mailcode: C1140


I am driven by a desire to understand the evolution of the lithosphere in both collisional settings and active geothermal systems. I call on isotope geochemistry (stable and radiogenic), thermodynamics, lithosphere dynamics and tectonics, material (heat, mass, volatile, chemical) transport and petrology to help explain observations I make in thin section, core, outcrop and across entire mountain belts. Ultimately, I consider myself a tectonochemist, that is, I use a variety of sub-disciplines fundamentally rooted in physical chemistry to help explain large-scale tectonic processes.

Global Research Fellowship - UT-Austin (2018)

Society of Economic Geologists Graduate Research Fellowship - SEG (2013)