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Jackson School of Geosciences

Sarah N Davis

Sarah N Davis
B.S., Biology, The University of Arizona, 2016
B.A., French, The University of Arizona, 2016
Ph.D., Geological Sciences, UT Austin, expected 2021


I study avian evolution and drivers of avian diversity both in the present and deep time. My research focuses on how the expression of bright coloration changes across modern birds and how physical aspects of integument structure change with different pigmentation.

Outstanding Teaching Assistant - The University of Texas at Austin (2017)

NSF Graduate Research Fellowship - NSF (2017)

Excellence in Undergraduate Research - The University of Arizona EEB (2016)

Trends in carotenoid-consistent coloration across non-passerine birds, American Ornithological Society, (2018)

Evolution of long-term coloration trends with biochemically unstable ingredients, The University of Texas at Austin (2016)