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Jackson School of Geosciences

Micaela Pedrazas Hinojos

Micaela Pedrazas Hinojos
B.S., Geophysical Engineering with a minor in Humanitarian Engineering, Colorado School of Mines, 2017
M.S., Geology, University of Texas at Austin, expected 2020

Mobile: 5128063525
Office: EPS


I seek to holistically approach different subsurface processes through the integration of various data ranging from large scale (remote sensing, geophysical surveys and well data) to pore scale (laboratory experiments, sandbox experiments). I desire to tackle the challenges associated with quantifying, monitoring and sustainably managing Earth's resources such as groundwater. Ultimately, I seek to learn all I possibly can in order to direct my skills and knowledge to help find innovative solutions to complex problems that can help inform management decisions and benefit people. I am currently studying the surface water-groundwater interactions and fluid dynamics in aquifers at University of Texas at Austin under the supervision of Dr. Bayani Cardenas.

Jackson School of Geosciences for Hydrogeology - Department of Geological Sciences, Jackson School of Geosciences, University of Texas at Austin (2019 - 2019)

Wiley Excellence Fund for Hydrogeology - University of Texas at Austin (2018 - 2018)

Excellence Award - Colorado Engineering Council (2017 - 2017)