Research Theme

  • Climate, Carbon & Geobiology

Research Discipline

  • Paleontology/Geobiology

My research interests focus on the use of digital technology to expand natural history museum practices and improve scientific infrastructure in the natural sciences. This includes scientific data management, modern specimen preparation and conservation, and mechanical and digital fossil preparation.

Current Research Projects

Assessment of Natural History Collections Database Practices

South-Central Section Student Travel Grant - Geological Society of America (2014)

Ruppenthal Student Travel Award - American Society of Primatologists (2011)

Undergraduate Mentor, Students Raising Students, Jackson School of Geosciences (2014)

Connecting specimens and their derivative data in the Vertebrate Paleontology Lab's Navajo Nation Collection, Jackson School of Geosciences Research Symposium, Austin, TX (2014)

Creating a workflow for linking field notebooks and audio to specimens in the Non-vertebrate Paleontology Lab's collections, Advocating for Women in Technology iSchool Showcase, Austin, TX (2014)

Challenges in database selection & design, iDigBio, Santa Barbara, CA (2014)

Database schemas for natural history collections, iDigBio, Santa Barbara, CA (2014)

An assessment of natural history collections database practices, Geological Society of America, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada (2014)

Foraging assistance in wild golden lion tamarins and its anthropological implications (poster), South Carolina Anthropology Student Conference, Columbia, SC (2011)

Caretaker contributions to foraging behavior in young golden lion tamarins in the Uniao Reserve, RJ, Brazil, American Society of Primatologists, Austin, TX (2011)


GEO 302D Age of Dinosaurs Study Guide
As part of a database management graduate course offered by the School of Information, my group transferred a flash card and quiz module from the old GEO 302D Age of Dinosaurs CD to a MySQL database presented on a website to maximize student accessibility and the future ease of updating course material.