I am an expert in pore-scale computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and in doing so, I can obtain hydraulic parameters which can then be used for basin scale flow or reservoir simulators. Both single phase and two phase fluid flow simulation can be performed using different numerical methods as a means to obtain solution to Navier-Stokes equations. I also conduct laboratory drainage-imbibition experiments at reservoir conditions, a set-up of which I have designed myself, both to understand the fundamental physical mechanism for two phase fluid flow as affected by media wettability and pore geometry, and compliment the numerical results. The pore-scale experiments also involves visualization techniques such as X-ray microCT scanning and later a digital segmental of different media phases in 3-dimensions, all of which I do in house at JSG UT, Austin. Many of these imaging and 3-D segmentation techniques have recently emerged as a new tool for quantifying the pore to pore-throat network topology, 3-D petrography of mineral phases, 3-D kerogen morphology, pores in kerogen, and pore-throat connectivity between kerogen to ‘inorganic pores’. In past, I have addressed basin scale flow problems which involve mass, momentum, and energy transport in porous media.

Royal Norwegian Consulate and PRS of Norway research exchange award - Royal Norwegian Consulate and PRS of Norway (2012 - 2012)

J.A and K.G Jackson Fellowship for excellence in Hydrology - Jackson School (2012 - 2012)

Petroleum Research School of Norway TSW12 grant - Petroleum Research School of Norway (2012 - 2012)

Exxon Mobile research fellowship - Exxon Mobile (2011 - 2011)

Geological Society of America research grant (Outstanding Proposal) - Geological Society of America (2010 - 2010)

Devon Energy fellowship - Devon Energy (2009 - 2009)