Committee Members

Clastic sedimentology, deepwater depositional systems, turbidites, transitional flow deposits, siliciclastic petrology, experimental sedimentology, energy resources, karst hydrogeology

Current Research Projects

Transitional flow deposit grain size distribution variations in Brushy Canyon Fm, Texas

Experimentally observed depositional processes controlling bed deposition in transitional flow deposits

GSA Research Grant - Geological Society of America (2014)

GSA Sedimentary Geology Division Student Research/Travel Award - Geological Society of America (2014)

Outstanding Cover Letter Award - Jackson School of Geosciences Career Services (2014)

Kuhn Scholar Award (Mentor) - Intellectual Entrepreneurship Pre-Grad Internship Program, College of Communication, UT-Austin (2013)

Student Representative, Sedimentary Geology Division, Geological Society of America (2014 - Present)

Representative of Sedimentary Geology Division, Student Advisory Council, Geological Society of America (2014 - Present)

Mentor, Students Raising Students, Graduate Student Executive Committee (GSEC) (2013)

Member, Volunteer, Graduate Student Executive Committee (GSEC) (2013)

TBA, Geological Society of America, Vancouver, BC, Canada (2014)

TBA, Soft Rock Talk, Jackson School of Geosciences, Austin, TX, USA (2014)

TBA, American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, CA, USA (2014)