Student Profile

Jackson School of Geosciences

Joshua Lively

Joshua Lively
Ph.D., Geological Sciences, The University of Texas at Austin, expected 2017
M.S., Geology, University of Utah, 2013
B.S., Geology, Auburn University, 2010

Office: JGB 3.314B
Mailcode: C1140


Current Research Projects

Morphological disparity of mosasaurs through the Late Cretaceous

The evolution and variation of "Clidastes": implications for macroevolutionary patterns of Mosasaurinae

A new species of basal mosasaurine from the Campanian of Texas and Alabama

Trionychid turtles of the Cretaceous Kaiparowits Formation, southern Utah

Evolution and paleobiogeography of baenid turtles

Graduate Continuing Fellowship - Graduate School, The University of Texas at Austin (2016)

Texas Academy of Science graduate student grant - Texas Academy of Science (2016)

Evolving Earth Foundation graduate student grant - Evolving Earth Foundation (2015 - 2016)

GSA graduate student research grant - Geological Society of America (2015 - 2016)