Research Theme

  • Solid Earth & Tectonic Processes

Research Discipline

  • Computational Geosciences
  • Structural Geology/Lithospheric Geodynamics

My research focuses on tectonics, geodynamics and structural geology coupling numerical simulations and geological/geophysical data.

I am a geologist and geophysicist. I observe, record, and analyze geological and geophysical phenomena to single out the most important controlling factors. Using these information I develop conceptual models. Then I do forward and inverse geodynamics modeling constrained by the geological and geophysical data to gain insight into geological/geophysical problems, and to understand how they evolve through geological time.

I am currently finishing a project on the continental extension in orogenic belts that leads to most extensional structures on the Earth, such as rift basins, continental margins, core complexes, and detachment faults. Now I am working on the tectonic evolution of South China Sea, using both numerical simulations and seismic data, and on the rheology and evolution of shear zone at a variety of space and time scale.

Extensional collapse of orogens: Modes of extension, core complexes, and detachment faults, Dept of Geological Sciences, University of Texas at Austin, Austin, TX (2013)

Modes of extension in collapsing orogens, Geological Society of America, Denver, CO (2013)

Origin of metamorphic core complexes and detachment faults, American Geophysical Union, San Francisco, CA (2013)

Clastic Depositional Systems class field trip, 2010, BookCliffs, CO

Clastic Depositional Systems class field trip, 2010, BookCliffs, COBasin Analysis class field trip, 2011, CaliforniaMicrotectonics & rock rheology class field trip, 2013, Southern CaliforniaDeath Valley field trip, 2013, Death Valley, CA