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Jackson School of Geosciences

Ethan M Conrad

Ethan M Conrad

Office: EPS
Mailcode: C1140



Ethan is a second year PhD student studying structural geology, tectonics and tectonic geomorphology. He uses field work, thermochronology and laboratory experiments to study how the Earth has deformed over time. The field component of his research is focused on the Cenozoic evolution of the Northern Caribbean Plate Boundary. In particular, the geology of Hispaniola as a key record of plate boundary reorganization in this region. His current laboratory work is aimed at testing the frictional behavior of rocks and crustal analog materials to implement in tectonic sandbox models.

Poster Symposium - Honorable mention - Jackson School of Geosciences (2020)

Chair's Award - Best Undergraduate Thesis - University of Florida (2019)

Estwing Award - University of Florida (2019)

Vice President, Texas Geophysical Society (2020 - 2021)