Student Profile

Jackson School of Geosciences

Erick Wright

B.S., Geoscience, Stony Brook University, 2014
M.S., Geological Science, The University of Texas at Austin, expected 2016


My interests are in structural geology and the coupled mechanical and geochemical processes of fracture, fluid flow and diagenesis. My current master’s thesis project seeks a better understanding of permeability within fracture cements of low permeability rocks. I employ argon ion milling and SEM imaging techniques on fracture cements in core and outcrop samples from a variety of low permeable formations. Through this work, I intend to gain a better understanding of the mechanical and/or chemical processes that may preserve or destroy potentially conductive, nanometer scale open pores in fracture cements which may act as flow channels along and across fully cemented fractures and aid in production when intersected by hydraulic fractures.