Student Profile

Jackson School of Geosciences

Edward W Marshall

Ph.D., Geochemistry, The University of Texas at Austin, expected 2017

Office: JGB 3.316B
Mailcode: C1100



I am currently studying the Colorado Plateau lithospheric mantle (CPLM), via xenoliths samples from the ca. 25 Ma Navajo Volcanic Field. My approach uses stable and radiogenic isotopes, nominally anhydrous mineral water contents, and Platinum Group Element (PGE) concentrations in sulfides. My PhD breaks down into three interrelated projects: 1) the long term geochemical evolution of the CPLM starting in the Proterozoic, 2) the more recent hydration and metasomatic overprint, and 3) the behavior of PGE elements in the CPLM and their relationship with hydration and metasomatic processes.

Analytical techniques that I am familiar with are laser fluorination analysis for oxygen isotopes, SIMS analysis of nominally anhydrous mineral water contents, clean lab chemical separation methods for analysis of the Rb-Sr, Sm-Nd, Lu-Hf and Re-Os radiogenic systems, laser ICP-MS analysis of trace elements, and electron microprobe analysis of major elements.

Other interests and projects of mine are the geology of the Philadelphia area, Anorthosite genesis, and laser fluorination technique development.

R.L. Folk & E.F. McBride Petrography Contest- 1st place - Jackson School of Geosciences (2015)

GSA Graduate Student Grant - Geological Society of America (2015)