Committee Member

Baiyuan is currently working on pore pressure prediction within dipping reservoirs. She will systematically study the effects of reservoir relief, mudstone properties, and 3D geometry on reservoir pressure. She will also develop simple approaches to predict the in-situ reservoir pressure.

Statoil Fellowship - Statoil (2014)

Satoil Fellowship - Staoil (2013 - 2014)

Predicting centroid position and reservoir pressure as a function of mudstone permeability, American Association of Petroleum Geologist, Pittsburgh (2013)

Pore pressure within dipping aquifers in overpressured basins, American Geophysical Union, San Francisco (2012)

Basin modeling of pressure evolution in the Auger Basin, Gulf of Mexico, UT-Geofluids Annual Consortium, Austin (2012)

Kaolinite Resedimentation, UT-Geofluids Annual Consortium, Austin (2011)