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Alissa J Kotowski

Alissa J Kotowski
B.S., Geological Sciences, Boston College, 2014

Office: EPS
Mailcode: C9000


I'm pursuing my Ph.D. at the Jackson School of Geosciences, working with Whitney Behr and Danny Stockli. I graduated from Boston College in 2014, where my undergraduate research background focused on Earthquake Migration along the North Anatolian and Alpine Faults with links to regional tectonics and structure. My broad interests encompass tectonic processes, structural geology and metamorphic petrology.

My research at UT focuses on the structural and rheological evolution of high-pressure metamorphic rocks during subduction and exhumation from Syros, Greece. More broadly, I'm interested in large-scale geodynamic processes, coupling petrology and (micro) structure to understand the evolution of plate boundary systems, and the links between rock rheology and seismic processes in subduction zones.

Muehlberger Graduate Research Fellow - Jackson School of Geosciences (Structural Geology and Tectonics Discipline) (2016)

NSF Graduate Research Fellow - National Science Foundation (2016)

Summa Cum Laude - Boston College (2014)

Best Undergraduate Thesis Presentation - Boston College Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (2014)

ConocoPhillips Scholarship for field study at Indiana University Geological Field Station - ConocoPhillips (2013)

International Student Exchange Program Scholar, Monash University - Monash University, Melbourne, Australia (2013)

Instructor, GeoFORCE/STEMForce 11th grade field trip - The Pacific Northwest (2017 - Present)

Instructor, GeoFORCE/STEMForce 10th grade field trip - Grand Canyon and Colorado Plateau (2016 - Present)

Associate Instructor, Indiana University Field Geology of the Rocky Mountains (2015)

Vice President, Graduate Student Executive Committee (2015 - 2016)

Coordinator, Informal Petrology, Geochemistry, Structure and Tectonics weekly departmental seminar (2015 - 2016)

Oral: Length scales and types of heterogeneities along the deep subduction interface: Insights from exhumed rocks, AGU Fall Meeting, New Orleans, LA (2017)

Oral: Metamorphic heterogeneity and transient rheology of the deep subduction interface, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA (2016)

Poster: Rheological Heterogeneity Along the Deep Subduction Interface: Insights from Exhumed HP Metamorphic Rocks Exposed on Syros Island, Greece, AGU Fall Meeting, San Francisco, CA (2015)

Talk: Cellular Seismology, Earthquake Migration, and Transform Faults: Analysis of the Alpine Fault in New Zealand and Comparison with the North Anatolian Fault in Turkey, Boston College Deptartment of Earth and Environmental Sciences Colloquium, Chestnut Hill, MA (2014)

Alissa Kotowski
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