Fluid flow in fractured (partially) cemented porous media using x-ray microtomography images.

X-ray microtomography imaging is used to provide information on fracture geometry, this serves as input for simulation. 3DMA Rock software is used for Image analysis and characterization of the connectivity and geometric tortuosity of the fractured pore space. A combination of the level-set-method-based progressive-quasistatic algorithm (LSMPQS software), and lattice Boltzmann simulation (Palabos software) are used to characterize the capillary dominated displacement properties and the relative permeability of the natural fractures.

My research is co-supervised by Drs Peter Eichhubl and Masa Prodanovic (PGE - )

Current Research Projects

Multi-phase physics and matrix-fracture transfer in partially mineralized and propped fractures - Understanding fluid flow in fractured porous media using x-ray microtomography images.