Field Studies: Structural Diagenesis

Outcrop-Based Structural Diagenesis Studies

Outcrop-based studies are a key part of the SDI program. Many M.S. thesis projects in our program contain a field component. Outcrops are in many cases the only way to measure key fracture attributes. Fracture length, for example, is not readily measured in the subsurface.

Field work a key part of the SDI program

Field work is a key part of the SDI program

But outcrops need to be used with care. Many outcrop fracture patterns are not representative of fractures existing in the subsurface. We identify suitable outcrops using structural diagenesis criteria. This assures that we investigate fractures that formed in the subsurface, and allows us to rigorously compare fractures in outcrop with those found in core.

Procedures for selecting outcrops and analyzing fractures in outcrop are outlined on the FRAC web site under Transfer Modules: Outcrops and in Laubach and Ward, 2006 and Lander and Laubach 2015 (see below).

The following papers highlight some of the areas we have worked. This is not an exhaustive list, but it does show some key areas where we’ve had a presence over several years.

Currently, student thesis and dissertation field work is underway in Western Canada, Wyoming (Tetons), Utah, Nevada, southern Argentina, New York, and Scotland.

See the Fault Diagenesis research tab for more information on SDI work on faults.

Field guides are available for many of these areas. Photographs from selected field expeditions can be found under the SD Field Symposium and Field Expeditions tabs. Contact us if you plan a field trip, we’re glad to help.

Selected Outcrop Study References

Texas | Outcrop

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Western North America  | Outcrop

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Eastern U.S.  | Outcrop

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NE Mexico  | Outcrop

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Western Canada  | Outcrop

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NW Scotland  | Outcrop

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Argentina-Bolivia  | Outcrop

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Outcrop Analysis Methods

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